Policy Statements


We strive to enhance the customer satisfaction level, improve productivity and quality through continual improvement of quality management systems to manufacture and export the carpets, rugs and floor coverings.


we are committed to ensuring continual improvement in social accountability and workers conditions. Requirement of social accountability are applied by all our suppliers/subcontractor involved in the supply chain.

We recognize the need for social accountability & are committed to the following :

  • Ensuring Health & Safety management for our employees, contractors, visitors & the public.
  • Recognizing the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • No discrimination against employees on the grounds of sex, race, color, religion or age.
  • Ensuring Disciplinary practices in accordance with the code of conduct; we do not support arbitrary pay deduction or threats of dismissal or personal harm.
  • Working hours in accordance with the applicable rules Working Time Directive.
  • Remuneration based on a recognized job evaluation system by following govt. rules.
  • Ensuring no child or forced labor exists within our company or our Suppliers/subcontractor.
  • Saif Carpet will endeavor to comply with all applicable legislation and other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • Conduct assessment of Saif Carpet compliance with this policy, measure progress of Saif Carpet environmental, Health and Safety affairs performance, and report shall be discussed in Review meeting.


  • Saif Carpet has policy of providing a safe and healthful work place, protecting the environment, and conserving energy and natural resources.
  • Ensure to provide a safe and healthful workplace and ensure that personnel are properly trained and have appropriate safety and protective equipment.
  • Ensure to be an environmentally responsible industry in the sector where we operate, and act promptly and responsibly to correct incidents or conditions that protect health, safety or the environment
  • Ensure to conserve natural resources by reusing and recycling materials, purchasing recycled materials, and using recyclable packaging and other materials.
  • Ensure to Develop, manufacture, and market products that are safe for their intended use, efficient in their use of energy, protective of the environment, and that can be reused, recycled or disposed of safely.
  • Ensure to manufacturing processes that do not adversely affect the environment and health and safety of personnel by improving operations to minimize waste, prevent air, water, and other pollution, minimize health and safety risks & dispose of waste safely.
  • Ensure to participate in efforts to improve environmental protection and share appropriate pollution prevention technology, knowledge and methods.
  • Ensure to comply all national and applicable legal requirements.
  • Strive to continually improve Saif Carpet Environmental, Health and Safety management system and performance.
  • Every employee & every contractor of Saif Carpet is expected to follow this policy and to report any environmental, health, or safety concern to management.